About Me

San Jose State University

San Jose State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello world!

My name is Ahtziri and I’m currently a student at San Jose State University. This is my first time doing a blog and I hope you join me as I discover new desserts and evaluate each dessert from my own point of view. You are welcomed to participate by commenting or letting me know if you are motivated by my post to go and buy a certain dessert and if we agree on the reviews.

A little about who I am and what makes me, well, me. I’m an only child. To answer the most common question after I let people know that I’m an only child, no, I am not lucky and/or spoiled. Those are the things I wish I was. Kidding, kidding. Personally, I wish I would’ve had a bigger immediate family but I do have a lot of cousins and they are like the siblings I never had. So that leaves me with the responsibility to expand my branch of the family tree.

Let’s get back on track. How I came to love chocolate… Honestly, I don’t know. Chocolate is something I have always been exposed to. As a child, I always had chocolate milk in the morning, for lunch, an right before I went to sleep. So naturally, as I got older, I went from the chocolate milk to the chocolate bars, and expanded to chocolate desserts. Now that I have some confidence in the kitchen, I try and experiment with some baking projects.

This is the first time I ever write in a blog, so bare with me as I am in a new stage of my academic career; sailing new waters. I hope you enjoy my blog posts and feel free to contact me if you feel it’s necessary. My intention is not to offend anyone or to promote any product for my benefit or business. So stick around and subscribe. I’ll be posting more dessert throughout the semester.

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