Monthly Archives: December 2012


SAMSUNGI’ve tried many of the Weight Watcher’s desserts because I have to make sure that I’m eating healthy so I don’t gain all the pounds I’m consuming while doing my search for the best chocolate dessert. Popsicles are good for any weather. In honor of the sunshine after the rain, I chose dark chocolate raspberry popsicles for only $2.50. Continue reading


Hershey’s Créme Pie

SAMSUNGIf you follow my blog regularly, you’re probably thinking, “Why is she doing another Créme Pie?” The answer is: this is a different brand, Hershey’s is actually being advertised in the cover, and of course, the main reason why I bought it was because it came conveniently sliced for two. Rather than buying a whole pie just for me. These 2 slices were $2.99 at Target. Continue reading