SAMSUNGThis caught my attention for 3 reasons: 1) It’s chocolate 2) It’s Pepperidge Farm 3) It’s Australia’s favorite cookie. I was intrigued by the fact that its Australia’s favorite cookie. I’ve never been to Australia but I wanted to see if it was actually good or if it was just a hook to get people like me to buy it. Either way, it worked!



As soon as I grabbed one I could tell it was a hard and crunchy cookie. I’m not a huge fan of hard cookies but for the sake of my discoveries, I took a bite. To my surprise, it was very flavorful. Smooth milk chocolate that melts in you mouth.

In between two crunchy cookies there’s a layer of the same chocolate that covers the cookie and the cookie:chocolate ratio is good. I wouldn’t say it’s my all time favorite cookie but it could be Australia’s favorite cookie. I will never know.

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