SAMSUNGAs I did some christmas shopping the other day, I wandered off to the frozen food section and found this little treasure. I’m a fan of coconut and as you know by now, dark chocolate. I was amazed to find this candy bar now made into an ice cream bar for only $3.49




As you give it the first bite, the crunchy chocolate shell easily breaks and exposes the whipped coconut ice cream. The ice cream has bits of coconut that as you bite you feel the need to chew the tiny chunks of coconut. The only flaw I found was that it didn’t come in a stick. Which is understandable because the ice cream is so creamy, but it was a little messy to eat.

The chocolate shell is a rich dark chocolate that melts in your mouth. Due to the thickness of the ice cream bar, the coconut taste dominates more than the dark chocolate. This combination is perfect for a coconut lover. Since I’m a chocolate lover, I’ll continue in my search for the best chocolate dessert.


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