Hershey’s Créme Pie

SAMSUNGIf you follow my blog regularly, you’re probably thinking, “Why is she doing another Créme Pie?” The answer is: this is a different brand, Hershey’s is actually being advertised in the cover, and of course, the main reason why I bought it was because it came conveniently sliced for two. Rather than buying a whole pie just for me. These 2 slices were $2.99 at Target.



At the first bite, the chocolate cookie crust is stronger in chocolate flavor than the actual chocolate ice cream that it has. Though, it doesn’t have much chocolate ice cream to begin with. It has a layer of whipped cream that is not too sweet but predominates in flavor compared to the chocolate due to the fact that it is also decorated with whipped cream on top.

The bonus chocolate flavor is the drizzle of chocolate syrup and the chunks of chocolate sprinkled on top to decorate the pie. This allows for the whipped cream and chocolate taste to balance out in flavor as they complement each other thoroughly.


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