Clarine’s Horentines


As christmas approaches, gifts are being exchanged and treats are being baked. An acquaintance  was kind enough to gift to me a holiday treat. I’ve never seen the almond cookie, if they’re even considered cookies, but I like that they have chocolate. I also like that they are produced locally. 

The almond cookie is made up of pure almonds, held together by the bittersweet chocolate in the back. The chocolate flavor prevails over the almond flavor, causing the almond flavor to disappear in your mouth. The smooth chocolate flavor creates a contrast with the crunchiness of the almond.


The rich chocolate is soft and quickly melts in your mouth, leaving you with the crunch of the almonds along with the chocolate flavor. I have never had a dessert like this. This is an incredible discovery. I’ve seen and tried the almond and chocolate combination but never in this form. This is by far a new favorite.


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