Chocolate Squares

SAMSUNGBeing health conscious is an ongoing trend. Since I’m watching my figure this holiday season, i thought it would be a good idea to try some healthy treats. I wanted to start of with known brand so that I be assure that it’s going to be tasty. Kashi advertises itself as kid friendly. Target has this for $2.50.




The first bite was awful, to say the least. I was convinced it would taste good because it was kid friendly but now that I think about it, it doesn’t mean that kids actually like this snack. It has a whole grain flavor; stronger than the chocolate flavor.

The chocolate disappears at first with such grain flavor but after you’re done it comes back and surprises you and you realize it actually has some chocolate in it. In my opinion, this is too healthy of a taste for me. I was expecting a rich, natural, chocolate flavor.


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