Monthly Archives: December 2012

Double Fudge

SAMSUNGI was intrigued with this dessert because as I was reading the product cover, I noticed that it requires to be warmed in the microwave. I figured it was be warm and chocolaty and during this cold season, anything that’s warm and chocolaty is welcomed. Continue reading


SAMSUNGI’ve always been a HUGE fan of chocolate candy, but Lindor is my all time favorite because it has chocolate inside chocolate. When I saw that they had a dark chocolate product, I couldn’t hesitate to buy it. I found this in Target in their holiday candy section for only $2.50. Continue reading

Little Bites

SAMSUNGThe moment I saw these, I knew I had to buy it because I’ve been searching long and wide for a similar chocolate cup size treat that I had while at a gathering and till this day, I cannot find. The moment I tried that chocolate treat, I was mesmerized. I could be exaggerating but that’s how I remember it. Continue reading


SAMSUNGThis caught my attention for 3 reasons: 1) It’s chocolate 2) It’s Pepperidge Farm 3) It’s Australia’s favorite cookie. I was intrigued by the fact that its Australia’s favorite cookie. I’ve never been to Australia but I wanted to see if it was actually good or if it was just a hook to get people like me to buy it. Either way, it worked! Continue reading

Chocolate Squares

SAMSUNGBeing health conscious is an ongoing trend. Since I’m watching my figure this holiday season, i thought it would be a good idea to try some healthy treats. I wanted to start of with known brand so that I be assure that it’s going to be tasty. Kashi advertises itself as kid friendly. Target has this for $2.50. Continue reading