Chocolate Créme Cake

From my previous post, the chocolate muffins post, I wanted to give the Weight Watchers brand another try. So I went back to Lucky’s and bought the chocolate créme cake. To be completly honest, I did not have high hopes for this dessert. But to my surprise, they were actually pretty good, low in carbs and easy on the wallet. This delicious dessert costs $3.39.

They are small and convenient for anyone to have. Good portion, not too much nor too little. Perfect for on a on-the-go snack or while traveling. The cake is mildly sweet, but doesn’t taste like chocolate until you get the the center filling. The créme inside, contains rich chocolate. It’s not dark chocolate, but it’s chocolaty enough to give the cake a little bang.



Unlike the other Weight Watchers dessert, I did not taste the fiber in this one. My favorite part was the filling. It was chocolaty like syrup and the portion was just enough to allow me to finish the cake. The frosting topping does not over power the filling and works well with the combination of cake, filling and topping.



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