Double Chocolate Muffin

So after doing various post, I figured I would look for a dessert that won’t make me feel guilty for eating it. So, as my go to place, I went to Lucky’s and found out that I can buy Weight Watchers desserts at that grocery store. I’ve never had anything related to the Weight Watchers brand so I figured I’d give it a try. After all, I would be trying something healthy and not too heavy on my pocket. This dessert costs $3.39.

These muffins are individually wrapped for freshness. This was a major point for packaging because it eliminates the rest of the muffins getting stale. As I took a bite, it was a soft muffin. Unlike other muffins, these were really chewy. So chewy in fact they would get stuck to my teeth, making it hard to swallow them. The muffin in itself was not sweet or did not really taste like a muffin. However, they advertise a real chocolate taste and I must say, it did taste like real chocolate.

Another thing that was advertised was the fiber. I’m not big on healthy foods but I could actually taste the fiber. To some that may be a good thing, but personally, I didn’t really enjoy the chewy, chocolate fiber taste. I assume that’s the price people pay for something healthy and a guilt-free dessert. I’m glad it actually tasted like chocolate because it would have gotten negative points in my book.


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