Milano Cookies

With rainy days coming and going, I felt the need to snuggle up with a blanket and eat some chocolate while watching tv. I did a quick run to CVS and bought the Milano Melts, a new version of the original Milano. This delicious dessert costs $3.69.

My favorite part was the chocolate inside because the 2 following reasons. 1) dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate. 2) soft, smooth frosting that adds a different spin to the hard cookies. As a soft cookie lover, I wouldn’t choose this kind of cookies.

Milanos are known to be hard cookies so I was surprised to find out that they offered this form of the original. Like I mentioned before, soft chocolate inside any kind of cookie. The inside was soft like cake frosting. The cookie by itself is sweet so the dark chocolate frosting gives it an added bitter and strong chocolate taste.


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