Skinny Cow Sandwich

Who would’ve thought that the weather would be this crazy? Not too long ago we were complaining about the Indian Summer weather, and now it’s raining. If you’re anything like me, rainy days are my favorite lazy days. So, I decided to honor the sunny summer days by going to CVS and buying chocolate ice cream bars for only $5.89.

This brand quickly caught my attention while staring at the ice cream section in CVS. The package has a cow print and the skinny cow is actually skinny! Which really goes beyond every steriotype cows have. So I read closer and it has all the benefits of a low calorie dessert and decided to give it a try. Not only for the calorie count but because the cow was skinny.

As you bite down on, you quickly notice that the cookie part of the sandwich is really soft. To my surprise, it was my favorite part. I love, love, love soft cookies. This particular sandwich crust was almost as soft as cake. The crust in itself was was sweet. The right amount of sweetness to add to the ice cream but not over power the chocolate taste.

The ice cream inside the sandwich was soft and fluffy. It was an added goodness to the soft cookie crust. What made this ice cream sandwich different than all the other ice cream sandwiches was their presentation. I particularly thought it was a good look for the sandwich. The swirls in the ice cream made it look feminine. Not to mention the brand name “skinny cow” on the sandwich reminded you that what you were eating was not going to come back in a gazillion calories.

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