Magnum Double Chocolate

I’m fairly new to the extreme San Jose weather, and if you’re like me you need something to cool you down ASAP. I used the opportunity to go to Lucky and get chocolate ice cream. These ice cream bars are a steal for only $2.99.

As I roamed the dessert aisle, I felt like trying something different. Rather than getting another ice cream cake, I decided to get ice cream bars. I’m so glad I did. I have found my favorite chocolate ice cream bars! The presentation in itself is quite appealing; not to mention the Double Chocolate on the cover. As soon as you unwrap the ice cream bar, you see a dark chocolate shell. My favorite part!

You bite it and it’s crunchiness makes your mouth water. At least mine did. You can definitely takes the chocolate syrup that covers the ice cream and glues the chocolate shell together. The ice cream was delicious by itself but the combination made it even better. The chocolate syrup wasn’t too strong like the créme pie. This was a perfect syrup intensity. My all time favorite ice cream bar, by far.


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