Chocolate Créme Pie

Welcome back! While shopping at Lucky, I wandered by the dessert section and stumbled upon this Chocolate Pie by Sara Lee. I was immediately drawn to this, not only by the presentation but the price. This wonderfully intriguing pie costs $5.48.

When you open the packaging you are quickly impressed by the decorations of the pie. As you anxiously try to cut your piece of pie you notice the oreo-like crust. If you’re anything like me you’ll be super excited to eat the crust. I do warn you, make sure you use some force to cut deep into the crust and not just the surface.

Once your fork comes in contact with the pie, it will slide through the rich chocolate flavor creme. It could possibly have liquor but I’m not sure. It was a little too strong for my liking. If you’re in the mood for something strong, this is the pie for you.

I love the way it is simply decorated with dark chocolate shavings and whipped cream around the top. The whipped cream was flavorless compared to the rest of the pie. But if you’re the type that likes their whipped cream least contrasting with then this might be for you.

It is a good enough size to feed a handful of people. So make sure that you have someone to share or if you like to endulge by yourself, make sure you have a tall glass of milk by your side.


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