Monthly Archives: August 2012

Welcome to my Blog

Hello world! My name is Ahtziri and I’m a San Jose State University student. I’m currently enrolled in Mcom 63. If you’d like,  you can follow me as I partake in this blogging experience for my class.

Join me on my journey as I explore various chocolate desserts in search for the best chocolate dessert in town. I’ll be tasting and reviewing everything chocolate related. I will start of by reviewing grocery chocolate desserts and move up to restaurant chocolate desserts. If you want to try out for yourself some desserts I’ve posted, not to worry. I will post where I purchased each dessert, price range, chocolaty level and tastefulness.

So, fasten your seat belts ’cause this is going to be one chocolaty ride! Subscribe to the blog so you can get email updates on my expedition. Or if you prefer, you can stop by anytime to check up on the latest desserts.